Green World Solidarity Year
We have great pleasure in inviting you to attend the Caspian Energy Meet Up event which will be focused on the topic of the Green World Solidarity Year and held by Caspian Energy Club in Baku on February 29. Consisting of several sessions, Caspian Energy Meet Up will mainly address such topics as the development of the oil-gas sector, as well as the technologies meant for efficient use of renewable sources of energy in Azerbaijan. Presented to a broad business community will be new competitive energy and life support projects ensuring more sustainable energy supply without harming the environment. The major objective of holding the Caspian Energy Meet Up events is to discuss the transformation of the conventional oil-gas sector into the ecologically clean and green energy industry. Besides, the events serve as a platform to discuss or make a presentation of implemented or planned domestic renewable energy projects for energy companies, Club members and guests. The event participants will also enjoy an opportunity for communicating and establishing business contacts during a coffee break. We request the pleasure of seeing you as a sponsor or a delegate of the Caspian Energy Meet Up event focused on the Green World Solidarity Year.
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